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Our Dental Team

Our Dental Team


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Lisa D.

Just look at any of our reviews, and you’ll see Lisa’s name pop up over and over again. Lisa has been working as a dental hygienist for over twenty years and is universally loved. Her positive attitude and sense of humor make any patient feel comfortable in her chair and look forward to coming back for their next cleaning. Through these visits, Lisa has built countless personal relationships with her patients, allowing her to optimally fulfill their dental needs. In her exam room, you’ll see pictures of Lisa, her husband, and their three sons at travel sites all around the United States. If you need a recommendation of where to visit next, ask Lisa at your next cleaning!

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Yeni A.

Yeni has earned the nickname “Gentle Yeni” at the office because all her patients report that she gives the most comfortable dental hygiene exams. After growing up in Cuba and studying dentistry, Yeni moved to the United States and knew she wanted to be a dental hygienist and to make people happy through her work. She earned a certification through Palm Beach State College and has been a dental hygienist for over a decade. In 2021, Yeni joined the Florida Gardens Dental team and found her home. When she’s not enjoying her time with her patients and colleagues, Yeni enjoys being with her family.

Florida Gardens Dental Center | Periodontal Treatment, Dental Fillings and Emergency Treatment

Norma D.

Florida Gardens Dental Center | Teeth Whitening, Preventative Program and Implant Dentistry

Yaumara B.


Florida Gardens Dental Center | Oral Exams, Digital Radiography and Implant Dentistry

Marci C.

Marci describes her work at Florida Gardens Dental as “dental magic.” Over her four years at Florida Gardens Dental, Marci has witnessed patients’ smiles and lives being transformed and feels grateful to play a part in the process. She developed her love of dentistry at a young age and studied dentistry professionally at a university in the Dominican Republic. Outside the office, she spends her time hanging out with her son and trying different sweets (followed by brushing!).

Florida Gardens Dental Center | Extractions, Sports Mouthguards and Orthodontics

Melissa T.

According to Melissa, the best part of working at Florida Gardens Dental is sitting by the side of the patients during an exam or procedure and making sure they are comfortable. Since 2015, Melissa has worked as a dental assistant and helped to improve thousands of patients’ smiles, all while acting as a calming voice to anyone who enters her room. Before moving to Florida, Melissa studied dentistry at the Central University of Venezuela. When she’s not at the office, Melissa can be found at the beach with her husband, son, and daughter.

Florida Gardens Dental Center | Preventative Program, Ceramic Crowns and VELscope reg  Cancer Screening

Dael O.

If you have been to Florida Gardens Dental any time in the past ten years, then you have met Dael. From a young age, Dael developed a love for dentistry and ultimately finished a professional degree at the Center University of Cuba. While the idea of crowns or implants may seem scary to some patients, Dael is right by their side and makes sure that the process is seamless and comfortable. Outside of work, Dael has earned a reputation as being an excellent gardener and enjoys fixing up his home and spending quality time with his family.

Florida Gardens Dental Center | Veneers, Dental Fillings and Orthodontics

Lilly G.


Florida Gardens Dental Center | Ceramic Crowns, Veneers and Oral Exams

Helen S.

Can you imagine a son-in-law so great that you would want to go back to work right after retiring just to work with him? Well, that’s just what Helen did, Dr. Seidenfeld’s mother-in-law. After a 30-year career in higher education, Helen retired and then immediately bought some scrubs and reported to duty as a volunteer at Florida Gardens Dental. She works behind the scenes helping with administrative things and just enjoys soaking up the atmosphere of the office. Watching how much the staff care about the patients and each other makes this office feel like an incredible extended family. When she’s not at the office, Helen is enjoying the rest of her retirement with her husband, Howie, her two amazing children, Holly and Hayden, and her four beautiful grandchildren, Heshy, Hannah, CJ, and Mikey.

Florida Gardens Dental Center | Night Guards, Preventative Program and Implant Restorations

Blanca P.

The first face you’ll see at your visit to Florida Gardens Dental is Blanca, and it is these interactions that give Blanca her greatest joys at work. For the past 17 years, Blanca has worked in the medical office and greeted thousands of patients. There are some patients that grew up on the same block she did in New York, and other patients that have shared stories from other parts of the world. Each time, Blanca is thrilled to connect and welcome them into our family. When Blanca is not at work, she can be found with her son. They particularly love trying out new restaurants in the area - a topic she’d love to discuss with any patient too!

Florida Gardens Dental Center | Periodontal Treatment, Implant Restorations and Implant Dentistry

Sandra V.

One of our in-house insurance specialists, Sandra helps the office and patients stay organized and navigate a sometimes complicated world of insurance. From Bogota, Columbia, Sandra began her career as an orthopedic technician but quickly realized that she enjoyed thinking about the behind-the-scenes of healthcare. With twenty five years of experience, Sandra is unparalleled in her ability to communicate and loves being able to talk and work with the patients. When she’s not at the office, she enjoys going dancing with her husband or spending time with her son and daughter.

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